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Our Professional Staff is Ready To Meet Your Healthy Sight Needs

Dr. Dierdre Fogle, Optometrist

Education and Credentials

-Bachelor of Science, University of Wyoming
-Doctor of Optometry. Indiana University
-Therapeutic pharmaceutical agent certification

Healthy sight is more than just
Seeing 20/20!

Make an annual eye exam with our qualified doctor a priority!

Our comprehensive eye services go beyond writing a prescription for vision correction in the following ways:

  • Discuss how you can optimize and protect your vision
  • Identify and address special risks to your vision longevity
  • Assist in detecting eye diseases, like glaucoma. since early diagnosis and treatment can help
    prevent future vision loss
  • Gather and consider your personal history, family health history, and lifestyle constraints in treatment decisions

Did You Know?

An OPTOMETRIST is defined by the federal government as an OPTOMETRIC PHYSICIAN.

An OPTOMETRIST is licensed to diagnose ocular (eye) disease and related systemic (body) disorders.

Our specialties include LASIK, children's vision, keratoconus. dry eye, and orthokeratology.

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